The Hustletown Chronicle was created by Iceman Baldy to provide an online social media news framework for collaboration and networking between African-American entrepreneurs and black business owners.

By focusing on news about and related to African American entrepreneurs in addition to commentary and reviews of interest to this group, Hustletown hopes to inspire and encourage seasoned or aspiring entrepreneurs to continue making significant contributions in their communities at all stages of the business cycle.

Through a collective effort by our staff and our readers to provide black business news submissions related to business, technology, education, health, finance, entertainment, fashion, and the full range of black business interests, we will individually and collectively thrive and be strenghthened through our mutual progress and prosperity.

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DaVaun Sanders is an accomplished freelance writer with a BA in Architecture. He has written and performed spoken word poetry professionally for the last five years.

A full fledged writing career has been his goal for quite some time, and he is currently editing his first novel, developing several screenplays, and covering interest stories in the metro Phoenix area. Writing is a source of passion for him and he enjoys sharing his gift with others.