Why are Blacks Leaving Large Cities?

Recent Census Bureau statistics indicates that Black residents are leaving large U.S. cities. This shift could alter African American political power in the coming decades if the trend continues.

According to preliminary Census reporting released in December, the nation’s capital has gained nearly 30,000 new Washingtonians in the past ten years–but this new population is primarily Hispanics and Whites. Similar trends are also being noted in Maryland, New York and Los Angeles.

What is causing this shift in population? Speculation ranges from gentrification and a preference for warmer climates, but Census results also show that Blacks are returning to Southern family roots or relocating to suburbs near their current cities. Check out the full story at Afro.com.

Hustletown readers: Are you noticing a Black exodus from your metropolitan area? Share your thoughts on the impact in our comments section below.

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