The Pressing Need for Healthy Hair Products

A recent article from revisits the dearth of healthy options for the African American woman’s hair. Whether women choose to chemically straighten their hair out of personal preference or image concerns, the negative health effects of these products are too alarming to ignore.

Black beauty products have steadily grown into a multi-billion dollar industry, but the chemicals found in some products can mimic hormones, cause chemical burns and increase the risk of cancer.

“It’s a deep-seeded problem,” said Cherisse Scott,  a Chicago based health educator for Black Women for Reproductive Justice. She cited the need to examine the societal pressure which many Black women encounter when it comes to straightening their hair. “It’s hard when you’re in a society that requires you to look a certain way. Environmental justice…means tackling some of these deep-seeded generational issues also.”

Read the full story here.

Hustletown readers: Do you own or know of a business that offers healthy African American beauty products? Please share your resources below!

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