Productivity Software Reviewed: RescueTime

Effective time management is a true artform with the myriad distractions we face while handling business. Email or social networking leaches away at the work day, employees spend more time on YouTube than completing an upcoming project–the list goes on. To identify problem areas or tweak your online performance, the Hustletown Chronicle recommends giving RescueTime a look.

This software tracks your usage in a variety of ways, providing data sets for months, weeks or even a single day. The free version only tracks your past three months’ worth of data. Conveniently, RescueTime will run in the background, and idles when you step away from the computer. You can disable it from your system tray, should you need a break or day free of monitoring.

The graphs on the main dashboard will quickly show how a given computer is being used. You can sort the data into categories or even by individual websites and computer programs. One feature that I particularly enjoyed was the ability to assign positive or negative values to different websites.

RescueTime’s paid version offers added functionality for groups and offline work tracking, but for the typical entrepreneur or blogger, there is still plenty of functionality in using the free version. If competition fuels your work, the software also scores your productivity against the average of RescueTime users.

Hustletown readers: Do you use RescueTime or a similar time tracking tool? What measures up the best in your experience?

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