Gregory Perkins: Turning His Vision into Greeting Card Millions

Gregory Perkins. From the Atlanta Post

A story from the Atlanta Post chronicles how Gregory Perkins, the man behind African American Expressions, decided to fulfill a perceived need in the market and achieved success.

Perkins relied on his faith for the decision to establish his greeting card business despite the established presence of companies like Hallmark and American Greetings.

“I am a man of faith and I wanted to serve God,” Perkins said. “I started the company with the idea that we could do better than Hallmark by creating cards the way we [African-Americans] saw ourselves instead of the way they saw us.”

Perkins eventually took another leap of faith–quitting his full time job with benefits to pursue his dream wholeheartedly. The company started out wholesaling, and now offers products in specialty shops and Wal-Mart over twelve years later.

“The first year we were doing $17,000 and the second year it was $45,000,” Perkins said. “Now we’re up to four or five million [dollars] a year.”

Read more of his amazing story here!

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