Comcast Merger Pledges More Black Owned Networks: Good News?

Comcast recently pledged to add four new African American owned networks, in the wake of the corporation”s  bid to merge with NBC Universal. The two parties issued a memorandum of understanding reached with the NAACP, the National Urban League, and the National Action Network.

The preemptive move was initiated in an attempt to alleviate political concerns over the merger,  which will be filed Friday with the Federal Communications Commission. In the memo, Comcast makes bold commitments to diversity, including a $20 million venture capital fund “intended to expand opportunities for minority entrepreneurs in the development of new digital media applications.”

Current networks Comcast carries include BET, Centric, the Gospel Music Channel and TV One. If the merger passes uncontested through the FCC, this proposal–along with similar agreements reached with Hispanic and Asian American  leaders–may provide immense opportunities for minority viewership.

Will the programming born from the Comcast NBCU merger prove to be as dynamic as the memorandum would lead us to believe?

Hustletown readers, weigh in with your thoughts!

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