Announces Market Affiliate Program, has announced a new Market Affiliate Program for businesses, entrepreneurs, websites, and media outlets interested in generating additional income through revenue sharing. The site offers select flight and travel information that was traditionally available only through travel agents and select airlines.

“ExpertFlyer’s new Market Affiliate Program is a great way for organizations in the travel industry to earn additional income while offering their customers access to a unique tool for business travelers and frequent flyers,” says Chris Lopinto, president and co-founder of ExpertFlyer.

Organizations interested in the program and learning how they can become a market affiliate should visit

Hustletown readers: Do you use Market Affiliate Programs to generate an additional income stream? We would like to hear your feedback on what has proven successful for you. Sound off in our comments section!

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  1. gioperation

    February 20, 2010 at 8:55 am

    I have indeed used affiliate marketing… some success as I have received a few checks in the mail- I like it becaue as I’m growing my readership base, more and more click through to read my info, maybe I just might just generate a little more income until the big boys roll in and offer the big $$$!

    I use cheap O Air on my site.


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